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John Paul Dreyling II
Dotcom John Paul
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Password Bonus Systems and DELMISS are ideas for your consideration

Please forward this to the board and contact me with an offer to use these ideas explained in this email below.
But first how to stop credit card fraud? Well with the use of a virtual reality decimal point placement process called a decimal element location misrepresentation intervention safety system called. ( DELMISS ) The cardholder who places and confirms the virtual decimal points located within the 16 digit number on the credit card’s number sequence presently in circulation already. The DISMISS process which will automatically be approved in real time at the destinations approval point or the credit card approval acceptance transaction processing centers. By allowing each purchase to be approved and processed quickly by the use of the DELMISS system a payment cycle is completed without fraud and loss. This way the decimal points location will easily be chosen by the cardholder at the point of purchase within a secure phone application environment or by a phone call in a push-button automated DELMISS interactive center or ID verified on-site terminal at the point of sale. This action decimal point placement will be completed by the card owner at time of use and may be reflected on a billing statement. The virtual decimal will remain in its chosen location until the next time of purchase. The DELMISS decimal point placement verification process will be fully automated and confirmed in a real-time approval process environment. The DELMISS confirmation placement of the moveable virtual reality decimal point will apply to all the cardholders present credit card numbers and no changes to the current credit card are necessary for the DELMISS fraud prevention operation to be used. The cardholder will simply sync their present card information into the DELMISS smartphone application or onsite terminal and will become a working part of this new safety system. The entry of each virtual decimal point placement transaction before each credit card nonfraudulent transaction is made is an effective loss prevent step to save the planet from deceit and theft that preys on the industry. The DELMISS confirmation process is the only true credit card fraud protection solution available today. With DELMISS the card owner is aware of each time the card is being used. This stops loss before a lost or stolen credit card is even used for the first transaction and DELMISS will save the credit industry from billions of dollars in lost revenue each year. In our present-day system a lost or stolen card the first-time transaction is not immediately prevented and this cost the industry a very large black mark in losses totaling billions of dollars each year. In this loss prevention example, a Visa acceptance of purchase approval can seamlessly proceed safely as a standard purchase transaction with DELMISS in real time with the fraud prevention protection in control and this way nobody knows any of the details except the cardholder and credit card approval center. None will know where the decimal point has secretly been placed or if it has yet been placed accept those involved with the DELMISS process, they are the card owner and credit card companies automated approval system. This is done for each safe DELMISS purchase and approval process for each and every purchase that is made and even before the purchase is allowed to be processed and accepted as payment at the point of sale. This process will eliminate any fraudulent use of any credit card and the credit card companies can take the greater chunk of the billions of lost and stolen revenue dollars that the industry suffers from each year. This process will save both ends lost revenue before they happen and our “the card holder’s” interest rates will begin to reflect and reduce do directly from the money saved from loss and the cost of use against theft and fraud expenses. When these losses are removed in that way our bills and repayments will be immediately lowered and or removed to a good goal of destination debt freedom. The cardholder wins and the big credit card companies win as well and the industry can offer all of us better rates, lower costs and better service all within this simple idea called a decimal element location misrepresentation intervention safety system called. ( DELMISS )

Now back to the second I was talking about would you support a more secure internet password system your opinions matters please reply to these innovative ideas of safety to meet tomorrows challenges they are both for sale please make an offer via email.

Password one time use security systems.
/ All platforms will apply /
Poorly controlled ( IAM ) processes may lead to a regulatory non-compliance because if the organization is audited, management will not be able to prove that company data is not at risk for being misused. This does not prevent anyone from obtaining access when you’re not looking, right? In fact, hackers are everywhere. I need those programmers’ resumes soon to apply to be a part of programming the newest security platform and the following parameters apply. In order to request their password ( good only one time ), they must use a US bill serial number non personal information for a password request to be sent. While generating a new password each time and the password is only used once. Then it is no good this will ensure that you know you were the only one who was in your account. You get a new password each time from any of the following i.e. Facebook, the top ten search engines, Oracle and OnStar or similar the way you request a password is simple whatever bill you have or may have had or the same one can be reused for as long as you wish. You can give all the same privilege to anybody allowing people to have the same or similar reusable privileges. Or they can be stopped at your discretion. This system will generate a billion possible combination one-time use password. After the one time use only and then it is a discarded access key. Thus the password bonus system’s one time used password is no good any more afterward. You never have to worry about remembering a password ever again or worry if others are remembering your password either. For a one-time password use password to unlock any ( IAM ) platform, we will call it the password bonus system with license fees applied for company’s secure access platform and free for all other noncommercial uses. (ie the public) I need YOU. Those who believe that the internet can be safe once more. The Password Bonus System is up to you by donations of $1 per year we the people will demand this change, yes together we all will.

Gofundme Now.

How to end fraud online and all other credit card transactions just have the card holder choose where the virtual decimal point goes before every swipe this ensure the user is aware of the transaction before the bank or credit giants will allow the transaction to process this can be easily done through an app on your phone and it will insure that you are aware when your card is being used just pick a spot and approve the virtual decimals spot with a database at the approval end spot or the transaction is declined and fraud is stopped before it occurs and this is a win for both sides your interest rates will go down because the credit card companies don’t have to cover the loss do to misuse and your will get out of debt because your rates won’t be out of control because of the enormous cost of theft in the systems so people will not be burdened by this small thing because it saves money and interest on each person’s account america can have this system in place in a matter of weeks.
Then I have the Name keeper domain names that are so easily remembered that customers remember the website name very easily like names such as lasvegaswithoutdelay.com or freeonenow.com or doctorshelpnow.com and hundreds of others found at extremebackpainrelief.com and I have some small stuff too, with these I can change the world and let the angels be in charge, so please know that I am a honorably discharged us army veteran doing my best to make the world a better place and my website is on page one on google search term using extremebackpainrelief.com so your advertisements will pay off greatly and good has and will overcome evil because evil is just the misuse of curiosity nothing more than that and good will always win in the end read these Google Docs links I have provide and you will never forget Dotcom John Paul Evolutions Omega. Yes this I am sure of this, thanks for your time my website can be found at extremebackpainreleif.com magnetics and the healing powers within Qigong produce positive results and self healing energy.

The Veterans Business Plan

Jesus’s Human Father
jesus-son-of-pantera Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera

John Paul Dreyling II

your friend Dotcom John Paul